Pharma Helper

Pharma Helper allows patients to send requests directly to their favorite pharmacies. Without leaving home or the office customers can attach a prescription and request a delivery or pickup from a pharmacy. This tool helps to eliminate the wait time for prescriptions to be filled. Customers can allocate their time towards more productive activities.

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Pharmacy Dashboard receive incoming requests

Benefits of Pharma Helper

  • NO change to the current infrastructure
  • ALL transactions will still be processed using your existing Pharmacy Software
  • Ability to offer home and office delivery
  • Ability to offer Curb-side pickup
  • More options to reach and retain customers
  • Facilitate payments remotely
  • Settlement done every month
  • Reporting
  • Safe and Secure transmission between Rx and Customers
  • Coolers for Medications to keep temperature
  • Mobile payments for prescription
  • Improve existing delivery service

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